• Executive Jets
  • Helicopter VIP services
  • Turboprop Aircrafts
  • Local and Regional Commercial Operators
  • Helicopter Fleets
  • Flight Schools
  • Crop Dusting and Agriculture
  • Firefighting Operations

AIB is the leading provider of GA insurance in Israel.
We provide cover for major Fixed wing and Rotor wing Fleets in Israel.

Our clients include Flight schools, Commercial operators for Fixed wing and Rotor wing operations as well as privately owned aircrafts.
Our expertise include complexed Firefighting operation, Chemical and crop dusting operations, Rescue and Ambulance flights as well as demonstration flights for the aviation industries in Israel and worldwide.

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    Private and Sports Aviation

    Pilot PA and Loss of License


    Satellite and Space

    Drones & Unmanned Aerial Vehicle – UAV

    Airports Aerospace Services

    Defense – HLS Products and Service

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